Care tips

  • When buying amaryllises, firstly mind the ripeness: the colour of the flowers must already be visible in the buds.
  • An amaryllis is an easy flower to care for. Cut the stalk horizontally with a sharp knife and place them, preferably, in a well-cleaned, glass vase.
  • Fill the vase with water. Cut flower food is unnecessary. The water does not need to be refreshed, only topped up when necessary.
  • Amaryllises have heavy flowers, so it is best to use a high vase.
  • Remove the older flowers.

Tips for the florist

  • Take the amaryllises from the box. Cut off one centimetre from the stalk. Tape the stalk or use an elastic band to prevent the stalks from curling up. Then put them in the water. The flower would be very grateful for this.
  • The storage temperature of the amaryllis is between 4 ºC and 8 ºC.