The company

Frans came into contact with growing amaryllises via his family. Nowadays, five types of amaryllises are being grown on 18000 m² of greenhouse ground. Frans Kouwenhoven tries to use as many biological and natural products as possible in his amaryllis growing.

The company Frans Kouwenhoven Amaryllis is MPS-A certified. To be recognised among our clients, our boxes and sleeves carry our logo and QR-code.


“I started out in October 1994 with 2000 m² of amaryllis and in 1997 that number was grown to 9500 m², which was the entire surface of our greenhouse. In 2000, the nursery moved to our present location at the Tuindersweg in de Lier. At this location, we now grow amaryllises on 18000 m² of ground.”

– Frans Kouwenhoven, owner

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